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Alice in Wonderland Entrances

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Alice in Wonderland entrances, Wonderland Heart Entrance, Wonderland Arch and Wonderland Column will all lead your guests into Alice's Wonderland adventure. Planning a Alice in Wonderland party includes the decision as to how you want to greet your guests.

Enchanted In Wonderland Kit

Enchanted in Wonderland Decorating Kit

Wonderland Heart Entrance

9 ft. 4 in. Wonderland Heart Entrance



9 ft. 6 in. Wonderland Arch

9 ft. 6 in. Wonderland Arch

8 ft. Wonderland Column

8 ft. Wonderland Column

  • Our exclusive Enchanted in Wonderland Decorating Kit will transport your Wonderland themed party down the rabbit hole with it's whimsical decorations. Each Enchanted Wonderland decorating kit includes six one-of-a-kind themed props. The Queen of Hearts includes: Wonderland Column 1,  Wonderland Arch 1, Wonderland Heart Entrance 1, Set of 4 Hedges 1, Set of 2 Knight and Rook Standees 1, Set of 4 Card Suit Knaves Wonderland Column,  Wonderland Arch  Personalized  Wonderland Heart Entrance Use the Wonderland Heart Entrance to welcome guests to your event.  Wonderland Hedge Standees.  Each cardboard standee is printed on one side. Flamingo, Knight and Rook Standees, Each cardboard standee is printed on one side.
  • The one-sided Wonderland Heart Entrance features a lighted heart shape entrance through a gray, black and red brick wall accented with card suit designs and vines. Our free-standing heart entrance measures 9 feet 4 inches high x 9 feet 6 inches wide and is printed on sturdy cardboard. Create an entrance the queen of hearts herself would love with the Wonderland Heart Entrance.
  • Wonderland Arch will give your Wonderland themed party a touch of whimsy the Queen of Hearts would be captivated with. The Personalized one sided Wonderland Arch is made from sturdy cardboard and measures 9 feet 6 inches high x 6 feet 2 inches wide. Decorate the entrance of your Wonderland party and capture the fun by snapping pictures of your guest entering the mystical rabbit hole.
  • Our Wonderland Column features a white fabric column with card suit accents, topped with a heart mylar balloon. Each card suit column measures 8 feet high x 2 feet diameter and best of all, is reusable. Use the Wonderland Column to create walkways, decorate corners and more. String lights not included. To create the glowing look shown just add our affordable string light. Due to great popularity the card suit cutouts and balloon may vary slightly from what is shown.
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