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Christmas Costumes

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Holiday Christmas costumes and accessories warn to celebrate the joy and spirit of the Christmas Holiday Party and events with family and friends of all ages. Both children and adults will enjoy participating in the spirit of the holiday spirit with our Christmas holiday costumes. When guests arrive greet theme with a Elf's hat or a Santa's hat.


Adult Christmas Elf Costume Adult Christmas Elf Costume

Our many stories of the mysterious and magical elves can prepare us fully for what kind of quizzical creature that we can prepare to encounter. The problem is figuring out which kind of elf we're about to deal with. Are we talking about Elvish warriors and rangers of ancient lore who forever watch over hidden glades to protect them from the greed of mankind?  Or maybe the Elfish toymakers who work heartily in the North Pole for the joy of children everywhere!? Ha! That's the one. Perhaps they lack the grace and mystical might that elves from the lands of fantasy may possess, but our cheerful Christmas Elves are not only a major part of ensuring that the holiday goes on without a hitch, but they're also the only ones who've resided consistently in our own world! There?

Child Christmas Elf Shoes Child Christmas Elf Shoes

Did you ever wonder why Christmas elves wear their cute pointed shoes? It's not just for fashion's sake. Although, the fashion scene in the North Pole is pretty impressive for such an unpopulated place. Where do they get all that red velvet anyway? Legend has it, the quintessential elf shoes have been part of the North Pole uniform since the elves where first employed by Santa Clause. The very shape of elf shoes allow the elves to quickly transport themselves across the snow.

Christmas Tree Costume Christmas Tree Costume

Okay, okay, so we know it says, and yes, we are particularly partial to Halloween. But that doesn't mean we don't love the other holidays too! We like to think of ourselves as holiday-inclusive. Holidays are amazing, after all. They're a time for getting together with family, eating ridiculous amounts of food, and putting up weird decorations (seriously, why on earth would you color the shell on an egg otherwise?). And for us? Well, all holidays are an excuse to wear costumes. We don't know about you, but any chance we have to wear a costume,

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