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Planning Time Table

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Having Party Planning timetable will make you process much easier. Depending on the event or special occasion their is usually a common time table to follow. Party Planning professionals have learned this the hard way. You can not reinvent the wheel. Depending on the event your basic time schedule will be determined on the event, people attending, location and preparation needed to create the theme of the event.

3-4 Weeks Before The Party

 • Set budget
 • Rent tables and chairs
 • Arrange for any special help
 • Make a list of your basic party supplies and needs
 • Send out invitations
 • Decide on party theme and order decorations

2-3 Weeks Before The Party

 • Plan your menu
 • Prepare food ahead of time, if possible, and freeze
 • Purchase favors and tableware
 • Choose music
 • Order any flowers
 • Determine your event schedule for Activities (games, mingling, food) - always have a few extra ideas in your bag

1 week Before The Party

 • Finalize the headcount, but be flexible that it may change
 • Purchase beverages
 • Check camera equipment and purchase film

2-3 Days Before The Party

 • Confirm all arrangements
 • Purchase any fresh food
 • Give helpers a specific task from your list
 • Arrange your serving trays and dishes
 • Arrange favors
 • Decide on what you will wear!

1 Day Before The Party

 • Decorate!
 • Complete food preparation and pick up ordered food items
 • Set tables
 • Make room for coats and purses
 • Purchase ice

The Day Of The Party

 • Put out any outdoor decorations
 • Set out bowls of candy and nuts
 • Give last-minute instructions to helpers
 • Set up the bar
 • Prepare any last-minute food
 • Put your camera out so you are sure to capture the memories
 • Start the music, light candles, set the mood
 • Get ready for the event – a bath, glass of wine, exercise –whatever gets you in the right mood
 • Relax and enjoy the party!







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