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Background Material

  • Poly Vinyl

  • Backdrops/Borders

  • Gossamer

  • Curtain

  • Tulle

  • Corrugated paper

  • Flat paper

  • Iridescent Fabric

  • Seamless paper

  • Satin Decor Fabric

  • Netting

  • Burlap

  • Iridescent Chiffon

  • Taffeta

  • Glitter Taffeta

  • Shimmera

  • Metallic Fabric

  • Liquid Metallic Fabric

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Background Material

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Background materials transport any background in a venue selected for a special event into an atmosphere to coordinate with the theme of your event. Consider all the various uses possible with these versatile decorative materials.

Dark Blue Poly Vinyl

Poly Vinyl



Haunted House Photo Backdrop


Cloud Patterned Gossamer


Silver Metallic Foil Curtain

Foil Curtain

Red Tulle


Woodgrain Patterned Corrugated Paper

Corrugated Paper

Flagstone Patterned Flat Paper

Flat Paper

Blue Iridescent Sparkle Fabric

Iridescent Fabric

Red Seamless Paper

Seamless Paper

Red Satin Fabric

Satin Fabric

Red Netting


Burlap Fabric

Burlap Fabric

Red Iridescent Chiffon

Iridescent Chiffon

Shimmering Gold Taffeta


Green Shimmera










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